S1 Ep1

January 14, 2022

Transcript of RLR Episode 1 – Julie Sawchuk

This episode was filmed in Blyth, Ontario where Rutling Holdings was building a completely accessible unit among their rental townhomes. In order to make sure they hit all the marks, they hired Accessibility Strategist, Julie Sawchuk, to consult on the project. We filmed during construction and again after it was completed so that our viewers could see exactly where differences can be made with components that have to be built anyway. Anyone walking in would never see this fully accessible house as different from any other house in the development but it is a house that makes a huge difference to the occupants and to their ability to live there for a long time. We went back after Doris and Dave moved in to get their reactions and we weren’t disappointed.

Show Notes:

Sawchuk Accessible Solutions

Rutling Holdings

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Training

Extended interview with Doris and Dave

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